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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Are your products organic?

Yes! All of our products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients. That means that our products are all 100% organic, from the sugar and coffee in our scrubs to the wonderful oils we use, everything is organic. 

Where do your ingredients come from? 

Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world including the United States, Europe, Africa and Central America. 

Are your products Fair Trade Certified?

All of our scrubs and Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA. Fair Trade insures that farmers all over the world are paid a fair price for the goods that they produce and it is something we at Organic Bath Co are proud to support. 

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes! All of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. None of our products contain any animal byproducts and we never test any of our formulations on animals. 

I have sensitive skin, can I still use your products?

Of course! We formulate our products with 100% organic ingredients that are safe and effective. All of our ingredients are listed right on the product pages so you know exactly what is in each product. We never use synthetic ingredients, dyes or fragrances or any chemical preservatives that can often bother those with sensitive skin.

Are your products hypoallergenic?

We do our best to make sure that our formulas are safe and effective for all skin types. In case you have an individual allergy to a specific botanical we do list all of our ingredients on each product page so you know what to avoid. If you have sensitive skin and are worried about an allergic reaction, we advise doing a patch test on your skin to make sure that you don't have an adverse reaction.

Where are your products made?

What is the shelf life of your products?