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Ingredient Spotlight: Glycerin

September 03, 2020 2 min read

Ingredient Spotlight: Glycerin

With all of the handwashing and sanitizing that we're all doing, it's vital to make sure that your skin stays moisturized. We use glycerin in our soaps and sanitizers help you clean your hands without drying them out.

So what is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a natural product derived from vegetable oils. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is found in a wide variety of products from food to skincare. 

What does Glycerin do for my skin?

Glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning it pulls moisture from the air to your skin to prevent it from drying out. This makes it a vital ingredient for soaps and sanitizers. When you clean your hands with soap or alcohol, you are stripping your skin of its natural oils. This can lead to drying and irritation. 

Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process. When using natural soap, glycerin helps your skin to maintain moisture while the soap washes away dirt, germs, and harmful bacteria.  

Glycerin is also a key ingredient in our hand sanitizer. Alcohol is incredibly effective at inactivating viruses and killing harmful bacteria on the skin. But alcohol evaporates quickly which means that it can also be extremely drying. That's the reason you should never clean your hands with alcohol alone without also moisturizing them. We use glycerin in our hand sanitizer so that you can effectively clean your hands without the drying and cracking. Glycerin pulls moisture from the air to combat the drying effects of the alcohol. This means that your skin will be left moisturized after using our sanitizer. 

Here are the top skin benefits of Glycerin:

  • Moisturizes your skin: You likely have several products with glycerin in them. Glycerin is often found in moisturizers as it helps to maintain moisture on your top layer of skin. Glycerin is also found in cleansers for the same reason. We use glycerin in our soaps and sanitizers to act as a moisturizer.
  • Helps protect your skin against irritation: Alcohol and other cleansers can irritate your skin and exacerbate issues such as eczema, and psoriasis. Glycerin helps protect your skin against these irritants and maintain moisture.
  • Protects your skin's moisture barrier: The top layer of skin, also known as the epidermis, protects the skin from damage and irritation. Glycerin can help you to maintain your skin's moisture barrier and prevent you from having dry, flaky and damaged skin.

Bottom line: glycerin is a safe, natural and effective moisturizer that is used to protect, moisturize and defend your skin against irritation. 

You can find glycerin in our soaps and sanitizers.

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