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Gianne's Wellness Pick: Organic Bath Co. Enhance Face Oil

January 06, 2020 2 min read

Gianne's Wellness Pick: Organic Bath Co. Enhance Face Oil - Organic Bath Co.

Since founding WELL Summit, I’ve become a bit of a wellness product junkie. Organic mattress: Check. Squatty potty: Check. Matcha latte: Check. You can’t tell me I’m not living that wellness life!

One perk of my job is that our team is always researching and connecting with amazing brands to feature on WELL Insiders and to showcase in WELL Summit’s marketplace. Between the fantastic WELL Summit partners’ products we get to test and the stocked gift bags I receive from my speaking engagements, I get to try out a lot of wellness products. New products. Not yet released products. Products with a cult following. My goal is to do the detective work (lots of trial and error) to find that brands that are easy-to-use, trustworthy, and help me (and you) get closer to the goal of 360-degree wellness in my everyday life.

I’m always getting asked what I use in my personal routine, or what new brand my friends should know about—and that’s how we brainstormed this latest series, where I’ll be sharing my top wellness pick once a week. Not only will I share a personal, tried-and-true favorite, but I’ll also tell you a bit about the brand (so many wellness brands are started out of the founder’s passion) and give you details on why it might be a good fit for you. Think of this column as our chance to have a girl’s night together. So, keep reading (and bookmark this page!) for my Wellness Pick of the Week!

Here comes a little self-promotion (but I promise it's worth it): My favorite face oil is the one that my company, Organic Bath Co., creates. No surprise there, since I chose each and every ingredient for the formula. The ingredients in our Enhance Face Oil are all close to my heart—and it's a staple in my skincare routine.

This face oils combines some of my favorite fruit oils: with fruit oils such as passionfruit oil for healing as it helps prevent breakouts. Lightweight, quick-absorbing watermelon seed oil detoxes skin. Powerful antioxidants in blackberry, red raspberry and cranberry seed oils protect skin from free radicals, which can age the skin. Pomegranate seed and rosehip oils, rich in fatty acids, encourage healthy skin cell regeneration. And the best part, past that all these superpower ingredients are in one formula? They combine to create a lightweight face oil that never fails to leave me with a glow! 

When formulating Enhance Face Oil, I noticed that a lot of beauty products were geared towards fixing something “wrong.” But what if you already felt beautiful and just wanted to enhance your natural beauty? That was the sentiment that went into creating Enhance Face Oil. It was born out of my desire to bring out your best skin and to celebrate your natural beauty. And that's why it's my wellness pick of the week: Because products shouldn't try to tell you how to "fix" your skin. They should help enhance the glow you already possess, just by being you. Shop our Enhance Face Oil here.

Interested in my other wellness must-haves? Read about all my wellness picks weekly.

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